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What's happening to my skin?

Top 5 skincare woes during pregnancy and how to deal

We all know that your body goes through A LOT when you're pregnant. That's a given. You're creating a whole other human! You've got massive amounts of hormones coursing through you, your body is stretching and growing with baby, everything is progressing extremely quickly and there really isn't any slowing it down! One of the last things you might think would be changing during this process is actually one of the most common to change, YOUR SKIN!

Your skin can change dramatically throughout pregnancy. Take it from someone who use to have relatively average skin and turned into an oil slick overnight with baby #2! In addition to actual physical changes, you may notice your skin reacting differently to products you've been using forever. You might find that something that's always worked for you all of a sudden seems useless, and of course, some products we would use normally aren't exactly advised to use when pregnant anyways. It's confusing, and there's a ton of information floating around out there, so let's simplify it a little!

If you're having some interesting skin...experiences...during pregnancy, they'll generally land into one of three categories: pre-existing, hormonal, and pregnancy-specific. Knowing what's causing the problem can go a long way toward helping you to understand it and learn how to deal with whatever it might be! A few of the more annoyingly common skin aggravations are stretch marks, acne, excessively dry skin, new sensitivities, and even hyperpigmentation.


We've talked a number of times about stretch marks, an often unavoidable side effect during pregnancy.

“These angry red marks can be almost unbearable itchy at times, something that can be much relieved by the use of stretch mark creams and intense moisturization."

The kind of hydration that you can get from our fan-favorite Mega Moisturizing Stretch Mark Cream! With time post-pregnancy, as your body heals, these red marks usually fade to a glossy silver/white...



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