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My Pregnancy and a First Impression!

Today’s blog is going to be a little different. While I usually come to you with information on skincare and pregnancy and mental health, today I come to you with a little glimpse into my life and some first impressions! I am a writer here at Element Mom but I’m also a mom myself, most recently to my second little boy. This means I am no stranger to the ups and downs of pregnancy and postpartum, and I’m DEFINITELY no stranger to stretch marks!

The stretch marks on my inner thighs graced me with their appearance after my first baby, I had gained quite a bit of weight my first pregnancy and while my stomach escaped mostly unscathed my thighs were quite a different story. Post-baby I began getting more heavily into beauty and skincare and experimenting with different products. It was a whole new world for me! One that made me feel good about myself again and became one of my favorite forms of self-care.

Then came baby number two and everything was flipped on its head. My belly, which had largely escaped stretch marks the first time around until the very end, all of a sudden was sporting some new tiger stripes. While I didn’t gain much weight at all this pregnancy, baby no. 2 was growing in a completely different way from baby no. 1 and my poor tummy wasn’t ready for it. At least, now that they’re healing, I’ve come to appreciate my stretch marks and what they signify. But to start they were red and angry and holy cow the itch!! The only thing that made it bearable was slathering myself in lotion to try to keep them hydrated and a bit less angry. And just because I appreciate how I got them doesn’t mean I’m opposed to softening them up a bit.

“So you can understand how excited I was when I began writing for Element Mom.”

I was so excited to write for and be a part of a brand that was truly centered around mamas. A brand with products specifically formulated to be safe for you and your baby to be. And the fact that it was inspired by K-Beauty? A match made in heaven.

I was recently able to try out their products for myself and figured I would take you all on this journey with me! Let’s start with the Mega Moisturizing Probiotic Stretch Mark Cream...



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