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Stretch Marks and Stretch Mark Creams

The Good, The BAD, The Ugly!

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, STRETCH MARKS. Often one of the most dreaded “negative” side effects of pregnancy. How do we get them? And what about preventing and treating said stretch marks, or is that even possible? Is stretch mark cream just glorified moisturizer? Let’s get into it!

“While we generally like to focus on mamas here at Element Mom, people from all walks of life have stretch marks.”

You can get them from gaining and then losing a significant amount of weight quickly or even just going through growth spurts during puberty. Stretch marks occur when our bodies go through a period of growth that our skin simply isn’t prepared for and can’t keep up with, and they grace the bodies of men and women alike of all ages.

Stretch marks can be inevitable, but there are still things you can do to help better prepare your skin and reduce the appearance of those stretch giving your skin some much-needed hydration! I know what you might be thinking. Seriously...just how much can one person talk about the importance of moisturization. Take it from a gal whose poor skin has been parched for FAR too long. Moisturizer isn’t just an important step in any good skincare routine, it’s vital. And when it comes to stretch marks? It’s your first line of defense.

If you already have or are anticipating getting stretch marks during your pregnancy you’ve more than likely been on the lookout for a solution. Say hello to the wide world of stretch mark creams!”

There are...about a million of them. Stretch mark creams are formulated specifically with stretch marks in mind. They tend to be extremely hydrating while also containing ingredients that help with inflammation and irritation that often accompany stretch marks.

Now, contrary to popular belief, there is a difference between moisturizer and stretch mark cream. The main difference...



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