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Mama's Day YOUR Way!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! The scramble to find Mama a good gift is ON and the flood gates of Mother’s Day promos have officially opened! With the season upon us it begs the exactly did holidays like Mother’s Day come to be?

There’s actually an incredibly long history dating back to Ancient Roman and Greek times detailing celebrations in honor of mothers. While we won’t go into full detail on that here, that’s what the history channel is for 😉, we WILL go back as far as the 1900s! At that point in time the holiday we all know as Mother’s Day began as a way to honor mothers and all that they do for their children.

Spearheaded by Anna Jarvis upon her own mothers’ death, Mother’s Day became a national holiday in 1914, written in by President Woodrow Wilson for the second Monday in May. Jarvis’s original version of Mother’s Day had none of the bells and whistles of today. For her, Mother’s Day was celebrated by wearing a white carnation to commemorate the day and spending time with one’s mother or attending church services.

As Mother’s Day became a national holiday it gradually transformed into the holiday we know. Florists, confectioners, and retailers of all sorts jumped on in! Today Mother’s Day celebrations vary all over the world, but one thing remains the same: it’s a day set aside purely in appreciation of all mothers.

“While we definitely stand by the sentiment of “you should appreciate your mother ALL YEAR long” it doesn’t hurt to have a day set aside for just that!”

It can be easy, however, to get lost in the rush of another holiday. And it’s easy to dismiss it as another day, ESPECIALLY if you’re a mother yourself!

We often don’t take the time to celebrate ourselves as mothers. Whether that’s because it feels like the job’s never done, it feels like we’re always having to learn and adapt to the next challenge, or we’re just too dang tired! It seems like sometimes there’s not enough time to breathe let alone “celebrate”.

But that's changing.”

The world today is a place where celebrating ourselves, our accomplishments as individuals AND as mothers, has become something beautiful and validated...



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