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Our Newest Skincare CRUSH

We're falling hard this time...

Today's ingredient of choice?


Pretty isn't she? This gorgeous, leafy, green beauty has become a big player in the skincare world and we are LOVING HER. For a number of reasons, if we're being honest! So let's learn a little more about our ingredient of the moment.

Centella Asiatica (CA), also known as cica, Gotu kola, mandukparni, or Indian pennywort (the list goes on and on!), has actually been used in the orient for a long time prior to its uses in skincare today. In terms of the actual "WHAT" of it all, CA is a perennial herb, known as a "creeper" because of its tendency to grow low along the ground. It's found throughout India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, South Africa, South Pacific, and Eastern Europe. Only now is it really becoming popular here in the western world. Prior to its overwhelming and increasing popularity for skincare, it was primarily used medicinally. Medically it was fantastic for a wide range of reasons! It helped heal wounds, treat skin conditions from psoriasis and eczema to varicose ulcers, and even helped with anxiety and improved cognition. You read that right, everything from itchy skin to a boost in brainpower and productivity. That's A LOT for one little herb, and that's only a fraction of what it can do!

“When it comes to CA in skincare, our main interest here, CA has become known as a "skin saver" due to its incredible healing properties.”

One of its extraordinarily long list of names is actually 'tiger grass', a name it earned due to ACTUAL Bengal tigers using the herb to heal their wounds by rolling in the grasses. It's gone from healing tiger’s wounds to people’s wounds and is now gracing our skincare to help save our skin in wholly new ways by becoming a part of many of our daily routines!

Because of its powerful anti-inflammatory capabilities, CA is fantastic for soothing, repairing, and nourishing sensitive, dry, or otherwise irritated skin. The plant’s actual chemical composition is made up of madecassoside and asiaticoside which are both HUGE players in soothing skincare. In fact, if you're as big a K-beauty and skincare nut as we are, you may have already heard of at least one of those ingredients before on its own! CA also does a great job when it comes to boosting hydration, blood circulation, and even increasing collagen production, all things you want when your goal is a youthful, glowing, fresh, and healthy complexion. One order of firm, elastic, perfectly plumped skin coming right up!

The best way to apply?”

With an ingredient like CA...



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