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Probiotics and You!

In every category, from health and wellness to makeup and skincare, there are certain buzzwords or phrases that tend to float around. We’ve all heard them. For example in the beauty space over the past year there’s been a large focus on CBD products and skincare infused makeup. In terms of health when speaking on nutrition you might hear about macro and micronutrients and you may have heard a little bit about pre- and probiotics.

Skincare is definitely no different when it comes to our buzzwords. With the skincare world rapidly expanding and growing it seems there’s a new skincare super ingredient popping up every day. While this is true, there are also some key ingredients that have become staples of a healthy vibrant skincare routine in our book. That’s right, we’re pointing at those same probiotics. While doing wonders for your body on the inside they also happen to be rockstars in skincare! But what are probiotics exactly, where do they come from, and what can they do for your skin?

Let’s start at the beginning with WHAT exactly probiotics are!


“...are living microorganisms, often bacteria or yeast, which are found all over our bodies both inside and out."

These microorganisms are more commonly thought of as "good bacteria." That statement might seem a little counterintuitive but it’s true! Bacteria is often thought of in purely negative connotations, the invisible threat to our immune system, but our bodies actually need this good bacteria for a number of reasons. Bacteria does a variety of things for us like helping to regulate blood sugar, aiding in digestion, and helping control inflammation. The overall concept though, this good bacteria's main overarching job, is to maintain the balance of your microbiome by neutralizing or balancing out the bad bacteria.

So how exactly have these probiotics found themselves wrapped up in skincare and what are they doing in there? The idea of using skincare with live bacteria in the mix can seem a bit alarming at first we’ll admit! But think of it the same way good bacteria would function within the body...



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