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SKINCARE- Prevention vs. Treatment

It is natural in life to be reactionary. Everyone does it, whether we’re talking daily decision- making, medicine, even our skincare. When we get sick we look for a treatment to fix what ails us. When we begin noticing wrinkles and signs of aging we start using retinoids and skincare aimed at reducing fine lines. We see blackheads or uneven skin tone and start looking into products that promise the remedy. We want a solution to the problem, whatever that may be, and we want it FAST. But what if our first move wasn’t a reaction to something but rather a step towards PREVENTING that problem in the first place? This is how we like to look at skincare.

While many products on the market focus on the treatment of your skin, providing a solution to a problem, here at Element Mom our main focus is to try to prevent that problem from even starting. We want to not just treat your skin in its current state, but go one step further to prevent any more skin damage and effects of aging. This is something that is focused on heavily in K-Beauty and as such is something that we are very much proponents of! It’s much easier to prevent wrinkles from forming than it is to turn back the hands of time and get rid of them!

Prevention: What does that mean?

“You might be wondering at this point what exactly prevention over treatment really means. The concept sounds simple enough, but what's the science behind it, what are we really doing?”

And if we are focusing on prevention does this mean that we completely cast aside the concept of treating? An easy way to break this down would be to look at sunscreen as an example...



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