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The Beauty of the Belly Mask

There’s just something nostalgic about a good old fashioned face mask. You can almost picture it, hair wrapped in a towel after a nice hot shower, spreading the cool clay mask over your skin and going about your evening routine before rinsing it off again to reveal perfectly refreshed rejuvenated skin.

You see it in movies, on tv, and in every self-care blog post or news piece. Masking has been around for what seems like ages. With the rise of Korean skincare we have been introduced to a variety of different methods of cleansing, moisturizing, and treating our skin. Everything from double cleansing to sorting out serums and essences, and yes the ever popular sheet mask.

“There’s no shortage of varying steps and products offered to create your perfect skincare routine. One step that seems to be in most if not all Korean skincare routines, however, is the sheet mask.”

Much like their clay predecessors, these masks are supposed to deliver a concentrated amount of hydration and nutrients to address all sorts of skin problems like dryness, oiliness, fine lines, uneven skin tone, skin elasticity, the list goes on and on. So in theory sheet masks produce all of the benefits of a clay or mud mask, just with a little less mess! And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a little less mess in their lives? Sheet masks have become somewhat of a symbol, not only for skincare but for self care as well! So what’s so great about sheet masks and why would you want to use one not on your face, but on your belly?

As with anything in skincare there is a bit of science behind the sheet mask and it’s benefits for your skin. That science is actually pretty simple to understand...



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